Technical diligence


Identify Opportunities.

Manage Risk.

By tech people.


Meaningful & concise. Take a look.

We have seen too much of "book-like" reports from auditors, delivering generalist but verbose inputs to justify prices.

We choose the opposit path.

We make our due diligence short and understandable, raising meaninful risks and opportunities only. We dig deep in the company gears and give you the heart of it. We speak the same language as the tech team and cannot be tricked easily with tech buzzwords. We find gem in teams, strong profiles and possibility to leverage them.


Navigating through uncertainty

Our experiences from incubators, accelerators and strategic consulting lead us to this fact:

Most of due diligences do not take seriously into account the technical part of your next investment. We believe that sustainability of tech stack, codebase, team, organisation and roadmap feasibility are as important as finance.

We are not generalist consultants. We are tech experts, working every day on our clients' projects. Coding and guiding them in their product's strategies.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the tech industry. We saw all the tech market evolution, fall and raise of tools, frameworks and coding languages.

We have seen companies fail and succeed, usually because of technical inertia and scaling issues.

Big picture

We do not ask you what your concern are yet. We want an unbiased opinion first on the audited company.

We listen to the full story of the company, their pitch, achievements and vision.


Tech interviews

We dive in. Tech interviews with CTO, tech leads and picked devs.

We understand each of their past and current positions and agendas, where they want to go and how.



We dive into product, codebase, documentation, roadmap and development processes.

With today tech environnement and tools we can distinguish what is tale from what is hard truth.


Your take

We got our first opinion. You can bias us now, it's fine!

We ask you about the doubts and ideas you might perceive. Time to get back to investigation & interviews to answer this.



We write the report and present it to the audited company. They can challenge it and we can adjust if needed.

Your turn. We present you the final result, giving you inputs and our thoughts.


Follow up

Even after the report, at any point, you can ask us any questions.

We love to see how things go afterwards. It's important for us to know what is done goes as planned.